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Mr. David Alexander Wiley

Mr. David Alexander Wiley is the President and Chief Executive Officer at KEWA Financial Inc. which he founded. Mr. Wiley is also a Founding Member and Chairman of the Board of North American Limestone Corporation. He co-founded Elgin Mining Inc. (formerly, Phoenix Coal Inc.) in 2004 and serves as its Advisor. He was a Co-Founder of Raven Hill Partners Inc and served as its Partner and Co-Founding Partner.

Mr. David Alexander Wiley served as the Chief Executive Officer and President at Nighthawk Gold Corp. (formerly Merc International Minerals Inc) from August 30, 2010 to November 6, 2015. Mr. Wiley served as the President of Touchstone Gold Limited and served as its Chief Executive Officer from June 2011 to July 19, 2013. He served as a Director of Touchstone Gold Limited since May 2011. He served as Interim Chief Executive Officer of Nighthawk Gold Corp in 2010. He served as the Managing Director and General Partner of Sci Ventures.

From 1996 to 2001, David Alexander Wiley was the Founder, President and Chief Investment Officer of The Inferential Investment Trust. Mr. Wiley served as the Managing Director of MHI Energy Partners from February 2002 to August 2004. He served as Chief Investment Officer of Labrador Capital Management LLC, which he co-founded in 1996. He served as the President at the company. He served as its Chief Executive Officer and President from June 27, 2008 to March 26, 2010 where he was instrumental in growing from a private enterprise to a publicly listed company on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

From the company's inception, David Alexander Wiley and his team raised over $200 million in equity and debt. He served as a Director of Elgin Mining Inc. from June 27, 2008 to April 28, 2010. Mr. Wiley serves as Director of Anaconda Mining Inc. He has been a Director of Nighthawk Gold Corp since August 30, 2010. Mr. Wiley is a Director of INI Power Systems. He served as a Director of Mammoth Resources Corp. from May 23, 2012 to August 8, 2013. He served as a Director of New Island Resources Inc. from September 10, 2010 to January 14, 2011. Mr. Wiley has spent his 20 year career in finance and mining primarily in Canada and the United States. Mr. Wiley has over 16 years' experience as an Entrepreneur, Executive Manager and Portfolio Manager.


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David Alexander Wiley - KEWA CEO

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