David Alexander Wiley and team released the following summaries:

After a year of strong investment returns on risk assets, we stride in Q2 2018, a period when we’ll likely see sustained economic growth and solid, albeit more limited returns. We believe the Next Generation and Millennials will quickly emerge and become the major driving force in key sectors, most notably, energy, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Global economic growth should continue to show strength in Q2 2018, as both established and emerging economies enjoy a parallel upturn. Corporate capital expenditure should become a priority growth driver. While inflation is unlikely to increase much, central banks will reduce liquidity and increase interest rates in response to stronger growth.

Financial markets have again proven impervious to geopolitical shocks. With energized growth, moderate inflation and flexible liquidity, interest rates should rise slowly. Equities should continue to make gains in the upcoming quarter. Unforeseen inflation moves pose the greatest risk, however unlikely.

David Alexander Wiley

David Alexander Wiley - KEWA CEO