There comes a time in each person’s life when personal principles begin to emerge and take shape. The shape of those principles may change over time as a result of experiences but the core group stays pretty stable over one’s life.

One of my more recent guiding principles is to avoid spending time, energy and thought on people I consider to be negative influences in my life. In my past, persons like that have been sources of frustration, betrayal, anxiety and unresolvable bewilderment. The only thing I’ve learned from these people is 1) That they exist and 2) They subtract from not only my quality of life but the world’s as well.

Despite my good will towards them in general and during shared endeavors, they were not interested in my well-being unless there was a greater benefit to their own interests. In fact, the evidence clearly showed that they were interested in what made me lesser relative to them in their zero-sum games.

My guiding principle to avoid those types has enriched my daily living and enhanced my quality of life.

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David Alexander Wiley - CEO KEWA Financial

David Alexander Wiley – CEO